Where exactly are you located?

We are located on the lower level of Macy's in Downtown Crossing, inside LensCrafters! You can also find us right off the Orange and Red T lines. 

Our formal address is 450 Washington Street, Boston MA 02111.

Having trouble finding us? Just give us a call at 617-988-8136.


What hours do you see patients for eye exams?

Our hours are as follows:

Mon -Wed: 11am - 7pm

Thur: Closed

Fri: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 11am - 2pm


What if you do not accept my insurance?

No worries! Routine eye exams without insurance start at just $95!


Why is my contact lens prescription covered by my insurance but my glasses prescription is not?

A contact lens examination involves a higher complexity of a visit. The lenses have to be custom fit to your eyes to ensure that your eyes remain healthy. Contact lens patients are also often sent home with free contact lenses to sample, which are covered under the fee. 


What if I do not like the contact lenses I was fit with at my exam?

No worries! Give us a call to set up a visit and we will fit you in something new. Some contact lens brands just aren't for everybody.


Do you sell glasses?

We do not BUT we have the next best thing! We are located right next to the biggest optical retailer in the country, LensCrafters. Following your exam with the doctor, you will be introduced to a LensCrafters certified optician who will help you pick out the perfect frame and lenses for your needs!


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept most major credit cards, cash, HSA/FSA, care credit and even Macy's cards.